Two important matters to bring to our attention.

This Friday 9th February we will be at The Little Yellow Hedgehog Ceramics at the Bus Park at Braintree.

Arrive 7pm for 9pm pick up. The cost is £5. Please bring cash on the night. No uniform but wear your scarf. Bring an apron so you don’t get any paint on your clothes.

We are hoping to get a container on site at the Hockey club to store all the Scout Group gear, tents etc.

On Saturday 10th February we need Scouts and any interested parents to join us at the Hockey club to clear and level the site where the container will stand. Arrive for 12 noon . Not sure of finish time but bring contact number and I can call for collection. No uniform but bring some tools like a spade, fork, rake wheelbarrow if you can.

Have a  word with me on Friday evening if you have any questions.


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