Happy New Year. All Change at 2nd Braintree

Happy New year.

Unless you read otherwise all sections return on January 6th. However there is a change of venue. Late last year Loxford School Trust informed us our nightly rental would increase from about £55 a night to £210. We managed to get a better offer but it was still a significant price hike so we have been forced to find another venue. We have currently decided to go to Braintree Hockey Club. The indoor facilities are much smaller but the outdoor surroundings offer the group a lot of positives. Therefore when we return we will be at

Braintree Hockey Club

Bocking Church Street
Link to Google Map

With the stepping down of leaders in Beavers and Cubs we have re-organised a bit (until March at least.)

As a short term measure Nigel has agreed to run Beavers. He will need parents helpers on the night. If there is no one to support him the session might have to be cancelled so it is important to waiting for the start of the session with your Beaver.

Lucy and Sarah have moved up to run the cub section.

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