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As can be seen from Cubs having to be cancelled tonight. Steve Newman is finding it increasingly hard to make it to Cubs. As a result of this, I am sad to report, that Steve has decided he will have to step down as Akela at Christmas. Ivan Culham can only attend occasional weeks so effectively the cubs section will be leaderless from Christmas.

Steve has been with the group since he was himself a scout and I would like to thank him for all his work and enthusiasm over the years.

If we don’t have any volunteer step forward the section will have to shut. Scouting is all about young people and I would like to believe we will find a solution for our cubs but most leaders become so because we have children in the group.

My involvement in the group has become almost non-existent over the last 2 years but I became involved because I wanted my family to experience what I enjoyed as a cub and scout. Over the years I have had many great experiences and done many things I would never have considered had I not become a leader. I know it can seem daunting at first but there are many great ideas shared by leaders online and leaders from other sections can give tips etc. It can be often cubs enjoy playing the same games each week. A cub program can therefore start fairly basic and grow as the leader’s confidence and sense of fun grows.

I therefore appeal to everyone to consider getting in touch and say they will give the section a new lease of life.

Jon Hinchliffe (Group Scout Leader)

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Jon Hinchliffe is the Group Scout Leader for 2nd Braintree and Bocking.

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