This Friday: MacMillan Fund Raising, group model making and games

Dear Parents,

Chip Walk Permission Forms are ready to hand out this Friday, to add to your pack for this term. Please make sure that you are all given copies at the beginning or end of session.

Joshua Portis has requested to join the five Beavers on the trip to Chatham this Saturday – more are welcome! It will be a fascinating and enjoyable day out for the District groups.

MacMillan Fund Raising is going well.  We will have tables out again this Friday, as we have more to sell!  Please bring along pocket money – my son is selling his items from his long-lost past too!  Michael will run the stall. Feel welcome to bring along cakes and unwanted items.  We will be running that alongside the planned evening of a carousel of group activities, model making and games.  Thank you for your support.

Beavers: Please bring along your long-sleeved uniform tops this Friday, in order for us to check and list your badges. Please let us know of any that you have earned over the Summer holidays, with evidence, and these will be issued out on Friday, or ordered for you.

Many thanks,



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