Chatham District Outing – One Day Activity Form

Here is the chatham-district-outing-one-day-activity-beaver activity form

Dear Parents,

I have Activity Information forms and full payment from the following 5 Beavers for Chatham Historic Dockyard, for our District outing on Saturday 17th September.  This was organised in January 2016.

The Beavers concerned are Jacob Warner, Callum Scott, Max Johnson, Joseph Roots and Ben Woodman.

We will meet at Tabor at 08.00 and plan to arrive back between 17.30 and 18.00 at Tabor.

Beavers: Please check that you are in full uniform. You will need your tops and scarves for quick identification in crowds.

Check that you bring plenty of water and sufficient food for 10 hours!

Suggested pocket money is a maximum of £10.00.  Please keep this safely, or hand it to me in a labelled wallet.

We will be joined by other groups on the District event.  Stay safely within my group at all times please, Beavers!

Please let me know about any illnesses you may have had recently. I will be concerned for your health and safety, as well as your pleasure, on this special outing.

My mobile is 077 7288 5280.

Home (01376) 618264

Many thanks – we look forward to a great day out!



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