Pizza Hut Experience & Panto’

Dear Parents,

We hope that you and your Beavers are enjoying a great half term holiday!

Our Pizza Hut Experience, on 4th November, starts at 4pm and the Beavers will be ready to collect at 6.15pm. Please arrive in uniform for safe and quick identification. Remember to wear your scarves, Beavers!

The Manager, Sarah, has said that parents and grandparents wishing to stay are very welcome to sit at a separate table from the Beavers, and order drinks and/or food whilst the Beavers are making their own pizzas and enjoy eating them and their desserts. It may be helpful if you let me know if you wish to stay in advance, just in case there many of you, for Sarah to reserve a large table.  Friday night traffic at McDonalds roundabout is a challenge, and Pizza Hut is busy after 5.15pm. Please leave early in order to collect your Beaver on time, to allow for traffic and finding a place to park.

The 11 Beavers who have paid for the experience are:

Jake Saward, Spencer Aslett, Isaac Hammond, Jacob Warner, Joshua Cochrane-Irving, Max Johnson, Aiden Arnott, Callum Scott, William Parson, Aaron Shrimpton, and Marcus Coleman.

Please let me know as soon as possible if any further Beavers would like to join us by text on my mobile: 0777 288 5280 or by email by this Friday.  We can include another 4 guests.

PANTO on 14th January, at 11am, for the District Beavers and Cubs at The College of Braintree

Please contact me if your Beaver is interested in attending.

Both events will be good fun!  We look forward to seeing you Friday week.

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