British Legion WW2 Artefacts – Sat. a.m.

Dear Parents,

I have chatted with the Veterans at George Yard today, and they have invited our group to visit them, climb aboard their vehicle, and share war memorabilia, (shell cases, jackets, helmets, etc.), tomorrow morning.  They arrive in George Yard, in uniform, from 7.30am to late afternoon.  I was thinking of joining them with our group, in uniform, at about 9am before it gets too busy. They will spend time with just our group, and pose for photo’s. They also sell poppy styled souvenirs,  all the profits going to help our current wounded soldiers.

If you are interested, please let me know at our session in about an hour.  We can go earlier, but later I think later that day may be a little hectic for parking free (if you shop there for £5.00) in Tesco’s!

The Veterans will also be on Parade on Remembrance Sunday, so will have a positive relationship with our Beavers prior to the event, making it more meaningful for our youth and elderly alike.


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